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 New mama on the block? I have just what you need.

Here's a guide that delivers traditional, time-tested wisdom to help you bring up your baby without the worry of future cavities, braces, or sleep disorders.

From your prenatal oral health, to breastfeeding, bottles, & baby-led weaning, you'll know how to guide them toward a life of sleeping, breathing, and being well.

I want you to feel confident in understanding the connections between a your child's oral health, overall wellness, and thriving in spite of living in a modern world of processed foods, poor habits, and expensive orthodontic treatment. This approach is "traditional with a twist"- embracing ancestral practices and time-tested knowledge while working with the lifestyle of modern families.

Traditional beginnings

Picture this: a copy of the exact checklist of educational topics, tools, and habits I cover with my littlest patients and their parents... delivered right to your inbox. 

And while it's not a substitute for routine dental care for your child, it is an empowering tool for parents of babies and toddlers who strongly desire to avoid the many oral health complications that the majority of children face today.  

Most of the topics I cover in this 58-page guide won't ever be mentioned by a traditional dentist, because most dentists do not focus on the critical development happening in the first three years of your child's life.

How do I know this? Because I used to be a traditional dentist. Check out how I decided I couldn't practice from that perspective any longer.


A new parent's primer to holistic oral + airway health from the womb to age three

I'm Dr. Molly.

And once upon a time, I was both a traditional family dentist and a frustrated new mother who couldn't get anyone to help with my newborn's feeding obstacles. I started to connect the dots between oral function, facial structure, and overall health after many hours of looking for my own answers. And this is how dentistry should be done- helping parents like us help our sweet babies thrive through oral and airway health.

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prenatal oral health

pacifier & thumbsucking best practices and weaning

baby-led weaning timeline and first food ideas

a guide to first cups for babies and toddlers

understanding tongue ties from a functional perspective

looking to the future and preparing for childhood oral development

and many more insights and action steps that fill this 58-page guide!

Peek inside the guide...


The first three years of your child's life can set the stage for either optimal oral and facial development or for complications that will require intervention. Take the easy road by establishing the good habits I lay out for you in this guide!

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