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Want to save yourself thousands of dollars at the dentist? My guides are designed to do exactly that. Because seriously, wouldn't we all rather take a trip to the beach?


Traditional Beginnings

Cavity-free Families

the essential guides

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a new parent's primer to holistic oral & airway health from the womb to age three

how to say good-bye to stressful, expensive dental work with simple, doable lifestyle changes

I'm Dr. Molly.

And just like you, I'm a parent who's just doing my best to keep my kids happy and healthy. Over my ten-year career, I've seen the effects of our modern diet and lifestyle take a toll on oral health, facial growth and development, and overall wellness. If you like when things are made easy, understandable, and doable (read: you won't find much talk about "the science" here), then you're in the right place. 

if we haven't met yet...

Oral health is the beginning of a                         life.

Many first-time (and even seasoned) parents aren't given the tools and teaching they need to help their babies grow functional and healthy faces, oral cavities, and airways. Within those three elements lie the key to unlocking a lifetime of health, so I made the exact guidebooks you need to take advantage of those early formative years.


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Ready to simplify exceptional oral health for the whole family?

It's my mission to simplify the habits that lead to exceptional oral and overall health... you know, the ones that don't lead to scary dental bills. Let's get back to the basics together- breastfeeding, nutrient-dense diets, nasal breathing, and quality sleep. I'm bringing ancestral habits to modern homes every week in my weekend newsletter, don't miss it!

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