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Your ideal patients and clients are looking for you. How do I know? Because they come to me in my emails and social media messages every day asking for provider recommendations. Join our fast-growing directory of functional, whole-health minded professionals and more easily become discovered by the people searching for your services.

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More and more patients are making the joyous leap to functional health care- but there's a problem.  

They can't find the type of provider they're looking for in their area- which means you're losing out on their business every month. 

The Functional Finder directory helps match up patients with providers in their area with a simple search bar, so you can stop worrying about how to keep growing your practice or business without the hassle of marketing. 

Don't make your patients work too hard to find you- sign up for The Functional Finder directory and steadily and consistently grow your business.

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the functional finder

Picture this: a directory that points patients right to you when they input their location and the type of provider they're looking for. 

And not only that, but a beautifully done-for-you landing page that shows you off in your best light, so that those dream patients are knocking on your door daily. 

If you like marketing that has a high return on investment, you're in the right place. The Functional Finder is packed with tremendous value for your practice.


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Hello- I'm Dr. Molly!

I pivoted my career in dentistry to focus on the airway after I did my own research to get to the bottom of my child's oral dysfunction. I quickly discovered through dozens of messages per week that people all around the world were on the hunt for every kind of functional provider that I could recommend- from optometrists to chiropractors to myologists and everything in between. The problem was obvious- patients didn't have an easy way to connect with a provider who met their needs.

The solution? A beautifully designed, easy-to-use directory where like-minded providers could show off their unique services for the patients who are looking for them. 

if we haven't met yet...

a full year of membership and inside access to the directory

your own easy-to-customize provider page (basically a mini-website that's built to convert!)

a featured post on the @thefunctionalfinder instagram page

first access and discounts to extra marketing materials

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The future of healthcare is functional... are you sure you're doing everything you can to put yourself and your services out there? The Functional Finder is where the future generation of patients will be choosing their providers. Make sure they know your name. 

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Don't make them work too hard to find you.