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         living cavity-free.

Cavities are expensive, uncomfortable, and inconvenient- and for the most part, they're completely avoidable. After diagnosing and treating thousands of cavities, I've taken note of the patterns that almost always predict tooth decay. Through my first-hand experience, I'm now spilling every last secret on keeping your family cavity-free in an easy-to-read guide so that you can avoid the hassle and stress of treating tooth decay.

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Of course you want to protect your family from cavities-

but you're not sure where to start?!

Traditional dentists tell you to brush, floss, avoid sugar, and get plenty of fluoride- but you or your kiddos still get cavities.

Your favorite social media influencers tell you to drink raw milk and use tooth powder- but cavities are still your reality. 

Or maybe you've never had to deal with tooth decay, but the horror stories of dental-work-gone-bad have you researching all the things to prevent cavities at all costs. 

Whatever your situation is, I have good news for you. I'm unleashing all the information and resources you and your family need to kiss cavities buh-bye-- and in typical Dr. Molly fashion, it's all incredibly simple and doable. Curious? Let's pull back the curtain.

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I believe many of my patients are getting cavities simply because they've been taught the wrong ways to prevent them. I want you to know that while it may not be easy to do the things needed to steer clear of cavities, it truly is quite simple.

So if you're up for some simple, doable changes in your family's lifestyle and habits (read: I'm not taking away your sourdough bread), then I've got the perfect guide for you. I've got grocery lists, meal ideas, snack solutions, oral hygiene motivation for toddlers and teens, the best supplements, and so much more. 

Want a deeper dive inside the guide? I thought you'd never ask. 


How to say good-bye to stressful, expensive dental work with simple, doable lifestyle changes

how to shop smart at the grocery store to avoid cavities

My no-cavity shopping list for costco and aldi

Five easy no-cavity breakfast and dinner recipes

how to support nasal breathing at all ages

the best tools for good oral hygiene

how to get toddlers and teenagers to brush their teeth

how to improve gut health for better tooth health

and more!

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I'm Dr. Molly.

And once upon a time, I almost gave up the profession of dentistry entirely because the "drill-fill-bill" life just wasn't doing it for me. Once I shifted my philosophies to prevention-based, functional oral health, I found joy in the work I was doing and I actually started making a positive difference in my patients' lives. Like with my own patients, I'm always rooting for you and your family to succeed in staying free from cavities and oral disease.

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Cavities can take a financial and emotional toll on families. There's no easier way to live more simply than to take excellent care of your mouth. Don't stress- this guide has got you covered every step of the way.


Skip the drama of cavities.