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Five Things I Did Differently to Prepare for Baby No. Five

We had another baby– surprise! Or, well, maybe not to anyone else 🙂 And while you might think that I’m a seasoned veteran by now, there are more than a few things I wanted to do differently this time around for sweet baby #5. From my prenatal nutrition and care to the newborn essentials I […]

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How to Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

Even my most natural-minded patients want to whiten their teeth- because a beautiful smile contributes to the way we feel about ourselves. But using over-the-counter whitening products or prescription whitening gels from a dentist can weaken your enamel with prolonged use, which leaves your teeth susceptible to cavities and long-term cold sensitivity. While I never […]


5 Ways to Help Your Child Not Need Braces

I remember being a disappointed twelve-year-old at the dentist. No, I didn’t get the news of cavities. In my pre-teen mind, it was much worse. Dr. Condello had just told me — *gasp*— that I did not need a referral to get braces. UGH. Obviously Dr. C had no idea what it was like to […]


How to Raise Cavity-Free, Braces-Free Kids

Worrying comes with the territory of parenthood. Ask me how I know. As a new parent, I invested in every gadget and gizmo that promised to be the one thing my baby needed to stay healthy and safe. The well-being of this precious new life that slept peacefully on my chest was nearly the only […]


7 Signs Your Child Has Sleep Disordered Breathing

What if I told you that most adults who suffer from sleep apnea most likely suffered from a sleep disorder as children? While most people are aware of the debilitating health consequences of sleep apnea, there is much less attention given to an extremely common (but never normal) condition called sleep disordered breathing. Sleep disordered […]


A Parent’s Guide to Sleep Disordered Breathing

I’m going to cut right to the chase (because there’s a lot of ground to cover on this topic). As a whole, our children are not sleeping and breathing well. And you might be thinking to yourself, “But Dr. Molly– I would totally know if my child wasn’t sleeping or breathing well!” Because that’s what […]


5 Things Babies Need to Establish Excellent Oral Health

I love the saying “babies don’t need much.” I only wish I had heard those four words while I was filling my Target shopping cart with too many onesies, swaddles, baby monitors, nail clippers, shampoos, and pacifiers when I was pregnant for the first time. I blame Pinterest. If I could go back in time, […]


Five Simple Habits for Ditching Processed Foods

If the former Takeout Queen could see this girl now– sharing ideas for family dinner that can’t be picked out of the freezer section– well, I hope she would be proud, but I’d probably have to scrape her jaw off the floor first. It’s taken me longer than I’d like to admit to get here– […]

Favorite Things

Welcome to The Dr. Molly Blog

Hello there, all you functional health fanatics, sourdough makers, and rebel homesteaders! If I just called your name in that last sentence, go ahead and make yourself comfortable- you’ll probably feel at home around these parts. Let’s get one thing straight right from the get-go: this blog, along with all of the content I post […]

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