DOCTOR molly

Just a dentist who doesn't want you to need the 


I've got one mission:

I saw my own children struggle with dental issues- many of them rooted in oral dysfunction that began at birth. I wish the very best for you on this beautiful road called parenthood, and I'll show you how simple it can be to raise cavity-free, braces-free babies from the very start. 

To help your family thrive in good oral health and have zero dental bills to pay. 

I'm Dr. Molly.

Midwestern mama of five, functional dentist, farmer's market fanatic, and an advocate for seaside trips over outrageous dental bills.

I'm here to show you the easy way to take care of yourself and your precious babies- by starting with the mouth. So many health problems experienced by adults most likely started as oral-facial and airway deficiencies in childhood. I'm your go-to resource for keeping it real when it comes to avoiding cavities, sleeping and breathing better, and choosing the best (and most affordable) products for better health.



craves the salty sea air
lover of old-fashioned things
amateur calligrapher
I'll have the burger, fries + bubbly   
give me all the hydrangeas 
fan of the handwritten note
makes a playlist for every occasion
join me at the farmer's market?


She was an adventurer at heart, but oh, how she loved to be home.

Ready to simplify exceptional oral health for the whole family?

It's my mission to simplify the habits that lead to exceptional oral and overall health... you know, the ones that don't lead to scary dental bills. Let's get back to the basics together- breastfeeding, nutrient-dense diets, nasal breathing, and quality sleep. I'm bringing ancestral habits to modern homes every week in my weekend newsletter, don't miss it!

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