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September 4, 2023

favorite things
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I’ve shared on this blog and on my Instagram account that there were more than just a few things I felt like I messed up as a first-time mother: pacifiers past the age of one, not investing in breastfeeding, pouches of mushed applesauce on the regular…

But there’s one baby essential that has been my tried-and-true from Baby #1 through Baby #5:

The Solly Baby wrap.

I remember the day I opened my very first Solly. I hadn’t created a baby registry as I trusted my family and friends who had already embarked on their parenting journey to buy the things they found most useful and needed. And I’ll admit that when I lifted the beautifully boxed Solly wrap out of the gift bag at my baby shower, I had no idea what it was for.

But I instantly loved the simple gray-and-white striped pattern, the silky-smooth fabric, and the gentle stretch of the wrap. I loved it, but I had no idea how useful it would be.

Around Chicago, I wore that baby girl everywhere. And when her brother came along sixteen short months later, I did the same for him (especially because I needed to be completely hands-free with two babies!).

All five of my babies have snuggled up close to my heart in a Solly Baby wrap, and this accessory is always in the picture of some of my favorite memories with my children: first neighborhood walks as a family, picking apples in the fall, and helping older kids with their school lessons while baby takes a nap in her wrap.

Using the Solly Baby wrap fits my lifestyle to a tee. With the babe securely snuggled in, I can serve up lunch for my older kids, send emails, fold laundry, and give the toddler a hug when she asks for it. And I know it’s doing great things for my baby’s health, too. With her ear pressed into my chest, she’s comforted by the soothing sound of my heartbeat- the sound she knew well for nine months before coming earth side. And the fact that the Solly wrap has been shown to reduce infant crying by 43% doesn’t surprise me one bit. My husband commented just the other day that our toddler outcries our newborn by a long shot!

The Solly Baby wrap evenly distributes the baby’s weight across my shoulders and back, and it’s easy to wear this for hours (I usually only take her out when she’s ready to breastfeed). It only takes a few seconds to put on and by now, I could put it on in my sleep and standing on my head!

Your baby doesn’t need much besides you in those first few weeks of life, but if I had to pick just one thing to add to your registry, it’s hands down the Solly wrap. Make beautiful memories with your sweet little one snuggled up in front of you and fall in love with the art of baby-wearing.

P.S- this post contains affiliate links, but don’t worry… I only partner with brands that I love and trust!


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