How to Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

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April 15, 2023

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Even my most natural-minded patients want to whiten their teeth- because a beautiful smile contributes to the way we feel about ourselves.

But using over-the-counter whitening products or prescription whitening gels from a dentist can weaken your enamel with prolonged use, which leaves your teeth susceptible to cavities and long-term cold sensitivity.

While I never recommend artificial ways of whitening and brightening your teeth, I do have three great tips for enhancing your smile in a more natural way.

Naturally whiten teeth

One: Limit your black coffee and red wine intake.

Think of your teeth as white carpet. If you spill coffee or red wine or spaghetti sauce onto the floor, it’s more likely to leave a stain than a liquid like lemonade, right? Your teeth behave similarly. Limiting your black coffee and red wine intake will dramatically brighten your teeth the longer you stay away.

I very rarely drink black coffee anymore, as I’ve recently switched over to Fasted Fuel, a powder supplement similar in taste to a creamy latte. Not only does it give me a nice wake up call like my former cup of coffee, but it has lots of healthy fats, Vitamin B12 for mood enhancement, and contains no teeth-staining elements. I mix one scoop with hot water or raw milk depending on my mood, but it’s always the same delicious flavor without the yucky stain. Click here to buy it in my market at a discounted price!

Two: Use a nano-Hydroxyapatite toothpaste

Did you know that typical whitening toothpastes work by abrading your enamel? You can do a lot of damage by using these toothpastes daily! Swap out your whitening toothpaste for one that contains nano-Hydroxyapatite, the mineral your enamel is naturally made of. With consistent use of this mineral, your teeth will start to appear brighter and you’ll be less likely to have tooth sensitivity from harmful abrasives. My go-to brand for nano-Hydroxyapatite is Boka.

Three: Use an electric toothbrush twice per day.

There’s simply no competing with an electric toothbrush’s ability to efficiently remove stain from your teeth. The rapid vibrating or oscillating motion will remove stain before it has a chance to seep into your enamel. Not only does it help with whitening and brightening, but it also removes plaque brilliantly, decreasing your chances of tooth decay and gum disease. My favorite electric toothbrushes are the Sonicare line of brushes and the Brushboo bamboo electric brush from my market that also looks elegant sitting on your bathroom counter.

While most teeth whitening products aren’t ideal for a healthy oral microbiome and strong teeth, it’s still possible to love your bright smile with more natural methods. Try these three go-to tips for a healthy, bright smile that helps you feel confident!

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