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Say Hello to Life                  Dental Bills.

A holistic, natural approach for modern moms who want to simplify the habits that lead to perfect oral + airway health.


Establish the right habits so you can happily raise your family without big bills at the dentist.

Here you'll find traditional breastfeeding wisdom, pacifier recommendations, sippy cup alternatives, snack ideas, and postpartum nourishment... all for the purpose of saving you money at the dentist. This is functional health like you've never experienced it before.

I believe in simple, doable habits that are designed to meet the reality of your daily life.

hi there! i'm dr. molly.

No-stress health for both you and your children lies within your reach- slow days, simple tools, and nutritious food. Let's get back to our roots and watch our families bloom without the stress of big dental bills. Come on, let me tell you more!

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Oral health should be simple, doable, + affordable. These easy-to-read guides offer time-tested and ancestral wisdom for living free of oral and airway dysfunction!


I'm playing matchmaker for patients who seek whole-body, functional care and the doctors and wellness businesses who can provide just that. Head on over to The Functional Finder to find a provider near you or to list your practice in the directory.


Not sure where to start in implementing functional oral health in your home? I've got you covered. Here are all of my own favorite products to help you get started. From toothpastes to the perfect baby bottles to baby-led weaning tools, I've done the research for you so that you know exactly what to add to your cart. 

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Simple, doable habits for today's busy families.

You'd rather spend your money on a beach vacation full of family memories than a mouth full of fillings, and I get that. Living life without having to spend time and money at the dentist is possible for you and your whole family. Want to chat about it? I'd be delighted.

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